GeneProof Enterovirus PCR Kit


We would like to inform you about the release of our new PCR Kit for the diagnostics of Enterovirus, which significantly complements the Respiratory Infections Group and Neuroinfections Group.

The GeneProof Enterovirus PCR Kit is designed to detect humanEnterovirus genus A-D including Coxsackievirus, Echovirus, Enterovirus, Poliovirus and the new EVs group EV-C104 and is suitable for differential diagnostics and also as a primary screening method.

Enterovirus PCR Kit GeneProof New product

Our PCR Kit enables qualitative and semiquantitative detection, UNG decontamination and meets the requirements of ENPEN. The kit is fully specific only for Enterovirus and doesn´t detect Rhinovirus.

The GeneProof Enterovirus PCR Kit will be CE IVD certified during July 2019, Free Sales Certificate will be available in August 2019.

The Kit will be available within a month and we are accepting your orders from now on.

More information inf Product section.