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The QF PCR kits are designed for quick diagnostics of chromosome 13, 18, 21 aneuploidy and sex chromosome aneuploidy.

These aneuploidies represent over 80 % of all significant chromosomal aberrations related to serious genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome, Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, etc.

The multiplex QF-PCR (Quantitative-fluorescent Polymerase Chain Reaction) method is based on the amplification of a large number of fluorophore labelled DNA fragments (STR markers) at chromosomes during a single reaction.

Besides the basic version of the GeneProof OmniPlex QF PCR Kit we offer alternative kit versions to be used in case of insufficiently informative results from an examination performed using the GeneProof OmniPlex QF-PCR Kit or for pathology detection verification. You can use the alternative versions independently as well; selection of a suitable diagnostic kit version depends on the individual customer's requirements



Technology QF PCR
fragmentation analysis
Target Sequence 25 STR loci DNA sequences at the 13, 18, 21, X and Y chromosomes
Qualitative detection mutation present × not present

Homozygote – alleles with the same length feature just one peak
Heterozygote – alleles with various lengths for specific STR sequences, two peaks with the same height/surface area (1:1 ratio) and different lengths
Disomy – the result shall be evaluated as normal, if at least two informative markers match the diallelic genotype; the other markers are non-informative. The diallelic profile is specified using markers with two peaks of similar height/surface area, whose ratio is evaluated as 1:1
Trisomy – three different alleles with the same height/surface area (1:1:1 ratio) or two peaks (two different alleles) where one has twice the height/surface area of the other (1:2 or 2:1 ratio)

Specimen whole blood, amniotic fluid, tissue
Kit Storage -85 °C to -10 °C
Extraction Methods

QIAamp DNA Mini Mit (Qiagen)

QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit (Qiagen)

Supported Devices **

Applied Biosystems 310 Genetic Analyzer
Applied Biosystems 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer
Applied Biosystems 3130 Series Genetic Analyzer
Applied Biosystems 3100 Series Genetic Analyzer

Quality Control

quality management system is certified in compliance with the requirements of the standard ISO 13485

External Quality Assessment

regularly tested by External Quality Assessment panels - results at

** GeneProof OmniPlex QF PCR Kit has been designed for use with Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers supporting  5-Dye Data Collection.



Product name

Cat. No. Technology Package
GeneProof OmniPlex QF PCR Kit OMNISET/025 quantitative fluorescent PCR 25 reactions
GeneProof OmniPlex QF PCR Kit OMNISET/050 quantitative fluorescent PCR 50 reactions