What is the difference between the GeneProof PCR kits and competitors' products?

In comparison to competitors' products the GeneProof PCR kits feature high quality (CE IVD), they are easier to handle (they contain only a MasterMix, which includes everything necessary), they also feature high reliability, high stability and last but not least an unrivaled price/quality ratio and the provided customer service.

Why should I select GeneProof PCR kits?

GeneProof PCR kits:
• Are CE IVD certified
• Are simple for use
• Feature high sensitivity
• Effectively control inhibition of each reaction
• Effectively minimize contamination risk
• Operate with a universal PCR program
• Are highly stable
• Incorporate an above-standard customer service

What clinical materials can be examined by the PCR method?

The PCR method is the so-called direct diagnostic method and it can examine virtually any biological material. To assure a clinically valid result it is necessary to examine only those clinical materials where the sought after pathogen can occur (for example, M.tbc examination in sputum is usually much more useful then in peripheral blood, etc.)

What is the accuracy and repeatability of the CMV quantitative establishment?

Repeatability of the CMV detection depends on the maximum detection sensitivity with the registration probability of 95%. This value is established by means of the PROBIT analysis in our kits and it is specified in the kit's specification sheet.
CMV quantitative establishment accuracy is validated by means of an RaR study that determines the dispersion of the measured value for any sample with the probability of 95%. The RaR study, including results, is described in the kit's specification sheet.

Is Borrelia burgdorferi real-time PCR kit specific for all species of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato?

Yes, the GeneProof real-time PCR kit for the detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato is able to sensitively detect all endemically significant species of borrelia around the world. In contrast to a majority of competing products it doesn't detect B. lusitaniae, which doesn't belong into the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato group and is not considered to be pathogenic.

Do the GeneProof PCR kits work also on other cyclers then on those listed in the catalogue?

The kits are primarily designed for use with the specific cycler. The catalogue contains a list of other thermocyclers where the GeneProof kits have been tested. Different cyclers have not been tested but we can design or possibly adapt one of our current kits for your specific cycler. In such a case contact our specialists, please.

Is it possible to use kits for real-time PCR as an end-point?

Some real-time PCR kits for qualitative detection could be used like this but in such a case we cannot guarantee either repeatability or accuracy of the detection. PCR kits for quantitative detection cannot be used in this way. Generally, we do not recommend these ways of using the kits.

Is it possible to adapt kits designed for end-point PCR for use with real-time cyclers by adding SybrGreen?

It is not possible to use this method.

How long does it take to perform an examination by a GeneProof PCR kit?

The examination duration depends on many factors, which are mostly of logistic character and influence the "work-flow" of the laboratory. The detection of the nucleic acid proper in the clinical sample isolate takes approximately 2-3 hours using a GeneProof kit. The total duration then depends on the pre-isolation treatment of the sample, on the selected nucleic acid isolation method, on the thermocycler type, automation level, whether there is used the end-point or real-time method and possibly on the thermocycler capacity utilization level. Filling up the thermocycler capacity will save costs of the examination performance but it will extend the period between the sample receipt and result expedition.

What references concerning your products can you present?

We will be glad to present a list of reference laboratories upon request.

Is it possible to stand an ECE test when using the GeneProof PCR kits?

Yes, our kits are regularly tested by external quality control panels (EQA) Instand e.V (Germany) and QCMD (Great Britain). Our customers regularly and successfully pass external quality controls.

What are the recommended storage conditions and what is your experience with the PCR kit stability?

Transport and store the kits at temperatures ranging from -80 °C to -20 °C. For the actual shelf life, please read the expiry date of the particular kit on the product packaging and refer to the Instruction for Use that is an integral part of each kit for the current information about its In-Use stability. Note that repeated freezing and thawing of MasterMix and other kit components may result in lower detection quality.


Does GeneProof organize workshops focused on PCR in microbiology?

We have been organizing these workshops since 2009. Currently you can find us at various professional conferences where we present our results and the results of our cooperation with specialists over the world.