Professional Training Course

We would like to invite you to the professional training course organized for our customers and business partners.


The course will introduce you to basic procedures as well as to modern methods used when examining human pathogens and explain the correct result interpretation in the molecular microbiology laboratories. The combination of practical and theoretical part will lead to better understanding of the position and continuity of molecular microbiology to commonly used laboratory practices in other fields (classical microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, etc.).

Basic Information and Contacts

Course Terms 4th – 5th June 2019
10th – 11th September 2019
19th - 20th November 2019
Location laboratory facilities of GeneProof a.s., Vídeňská 101/119,
Brno - Dolní Heršpice, 619 00
Instructors RNDr. Pavel Hložek, Mgr. Eva Dulavová
Course Length two days, 10.5 hours in total
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Course schedule

The premises of GeneProof a.s.
• worksite introduction – laboratory tour
• familiarization with the workplace safety regulations

Molecular microbiology in practice
• position of molecular microbiology in diagnostic scheme
• procedures and principles of examination in molecular biology
• GeneProof technology

Introduction to the practical part
• planning the molecular biology-based examination
• pitfalls of the pre-analytical and analytical phase of the examination
• guidelines for protocol preparation and writing

Practical part
• nucleic acid isolation from clinical material
• performing real-time qPCR


Interpretation of the results
• correct interpretation of the results from the practical part using the background knowledge from
the theoretical part
• exemplary test results and their interpretation
• diagnostic process control system - external quality assessment

Methods of molecular biology in the hands of clinicians
• on the way from collecting clinical materials to measuring high quality results
• clinical interpretation of test results

The training course usually takes place on the premises of our company in Brno, Vídeňská 101/119. Should you be interested, please, sign up via the online form choosing a suitable term and we will contact you to confirm your participation.

In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to approach our contact person