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croBEE®max Solution

croBEE®max is a high-throughput automated solution for molecular diagnostics.

  • Up to 192 samples / run 
  • Up to 576 test / 8 hours 
  • Simultaneous RNA and DNA nucleic acid extraction 
  • Various clinical materials 
  • Viral, bacterial and human DNA/RNA 
  • Adaptable to a wide range of primary tube types 
  • Results export 
  • Instruments 
  • Extraction kit 
  • PCR tests 


The solution consists of three parts

  1. Hamilton Microlab STAR for croBEE®max solution – fully automated liquid handling workstation for magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup
  2. croBEE®max Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit – kit for viral, bacterial and human DNA/RNA extraction from various clinical materials
  3. 2x croBEE® Real-time PCR System – fully integrated PCR system for nucleic acid amplification and detection and complex analysis of obtained data

Order information

If you are interested in croBEE®max Solution, please contact [obfuscate_1_|114|88|104|97|112|63|94|97|106|98|111|105|107|98|43|98|102|105]

Do you already heave other equipment? We will be happy to help you with adaptation of our products.

Order information

Product name Catalog no. Technology Packaging
croBEE®max Solution

Product Leaflet

Product Leaflet

; GP_CBMX_Leaflet_EN
pdf, [810.44 kB]
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System description


96 / 192 tests per run

Time to First Result < 4 hours
Hands-on Time

15 minutes



Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR setup


96 / 192 tests per run

Extraction Principle Extraction based on magnetic particles
Sample Volume

300 μl

Elution Volume

50 μl

Decontamination UV lamp
Traceability Bar codes on primary tubes

PCR Analysis

PCR Block Capacity

2 x 96 wells

LIS Connectivity Results export (ASTM protocol)



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