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Join us for World Thrombosis Day 2023!

Join us for World Thrombosis Day 2023!

GeneProof a.s., a manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostics, has been contributing to the control of serious infectious diseases and genetic disorders through its long-term activities. We export our PCR tests and diagnostic platforms worldwide and, as a global player in the PCR diagnostics market, we have decided to enhance our involvement in preventive programs and offer collaboration to our laboratory partners.

For this year, we have focused on the issue of thrombosis. Every year, one in four people affected by thrombosis dies worldwide, and 10 million people are hospitalized annually due to thrombosis-related complications. This is a globally significant problem that requires significant attention to prevention.

For this reason, we are pleased to join the World Thrombosis Day campaign and, as the main sponsor, we are offering special conditions for preventive testing of thrombotic mutations to collaborating laboratories.

If you are a laboratory that conducts or intends to include thrombotic mutation testing (FII, FV, FXIII, MTHFR C677T, MTHFR A1298C, PAI-1) using the PCR method in your portfolio, please let us know. We will get back to you and provide you with detailed information about possible collaboration.

Please, contact us at sales@geneproof.com

We are proud that, together with our partners, we can strengthen our role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases and genetic disorders, and our efforts to improve accessibility and innovation in the field of diagnostics have a long-term positive impact on public health.