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myCROBE® solution - Consumables

Use the calculator for optimal planning of the consumables purchase according to the number of processed samples

myCROBE - Consumables Calculator
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myCROBE - Reagents
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myCROBE - Consumables
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Order information

Product name Catalog no. Technology Packaging
myCROBE/croBEE 2.0 Universal Extraction Kit MC200/036 for 36 samples
Gene Proof Universal Internal Control UNIC/MC/180 180 NAE
myCROBE Universal Control Set MC201/010 for 10 PCR tests
myCROBE/croBEE 2.0 Tips MC300/960 960 pcs
myCROBE PCR Plates MC303/025 25 pcs
myCROBE PCR Seal MC304/100 100 pcs
myCROBE Waste bin MC305/025 25 pcs


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Czech Embassy in New Delhi to congratulate GeneProof on success

GeneProof as first Czech company given rights to supply COVID-19 kits to India.

New Covid-19 • Flu • RSV GPack

Differential diagnostics of 5 pathogens from one sample in a single run