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Direct Detection of SARS-CoV-2 from saliva without the RNA extraction

Direct Detection of SARS-CoV-2 from saliva without the RNA extraction

Especially for massive screening testing of public (i.e. mandatory testing of company employees who can collect the samples themselves), we offer a solution based on the sample collection from the mouth (saliva sample) using the sampling kit Bi-CoV® (Bioinova, s.r.o.) that has been validated for use with GeneProof PCR kits without the need of RNA extraction.

Benefits of this solution:

  1. Comfortable sample collection from oral cavity - saliva samples (Children and elder people appreciate that).
  2. Safety in manipulation  ̶  virus is inactivated in the medium, the risk of infection for laboratory staff is decreased
  3. Direct detection without the need of RNA isolation in a lab – easy workflow, low cost, higher effectivity in less time
  4. Significant time reduction – new FAST PCR profile (less than 1 hour)
  5. High sensitivity  ̶  comparable with conventional sample collection and standard extraction


Performance evaluation - clinical study from November 2020

Description of this solution:

The sampling kit is comprised of a swab and a tube with the medium. The sample collection is done by a standard swab from the oral cavity (tongue radix area). The sample collection is very easy and safe. The material collected consists of saliva and secretions from the upper respiratory tract. This mix is ideal for the detection of virus. The virus is inactivated and RNA that is released in the medium is also stabilized during the transport into a laboratory. The standard PCR analysis is performed in the laboratory with GeneProof PCR kits that have been optimized and certified for this type of sample collection (clinically validated).

You do not need to isolate the viral RNA, therefore the procedure is significantly shorter, easier, and cheaper.


Order information for 100 examinations:

Product  REF Packaging Number

Bi-CoV® Set


50 pcs 2x
GeneProof SARS CoV-2 Screening PCR Kit 


100 rxn    1x OR
GeneProof SARS CoV-2 PCR Kit


100 rxn 1x