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GeneProof Adenovirus PCR Kit detects Adenovirus type 41

8. 5. 2022 GeneProof Adenovirus PCR Kit detects Adenovirus type 41

Association between acute, severe hepatitis in small children and Adenovirus infection is currently under investigation. Our test for Adenovirus could help with it.

An increase in acute, severe hepatitis of unknown origin in young, previously healthy children was first reported in the United Kingdom. An unexpected increase in such cases has now been reported by several other countries across the world. Although the cause is not yet known, Adenovirus type 41 is currently one of the hypotheses.

We are proud to announce to you that our GeneProof Adenovirus PCR Kit detects also type 41 and is, therefore, suitable for testing in laboratories examinating suspicious cases. The kit is possible to use with a wide range of validated clinical materials - whole blood, stool, urine, aspirate, plasma, and swab. Especially the whole blood, stool, and urine are recommended for this kind of testing by WHO.

In addition, due to the easy combinability of our PCR Kits, it should be advantageous to use our test in combination with other GeneProof PCR kits from one sample.

We hope that thanks to specific diagnostics we could help to understand better the cause of the disease and help determine the right treatment.