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New GeneProof solutions for STI diagnostics

3. 11. 2021 New GeneProof solutions for STI diagnostics

We strive to innovate our portfolio for our clients and continuously simplify their laboratory workflow - now with STI Gpacks that allow the detection of up to 7 pathogens in a single PCR run.

PCR kits for the diagnostics of Sexually Transmitted Infections have a strong and stable position in our portfolio. Their high reliability, superior quality, user-friendly use and combinability in one workflow have made them a favourite in laboratories around the world. This family of our PCR kits is very comprehensive. For this reason, it is worth mentioning the excellent results of the kits for the STI diagnostiscs in EQA panels and especially in QCMD 2020 STI Multiple Pathogen Qualitative Testing. The very good reputation of our STI PCR kits is also evidenced by peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals that mention the excellent results of our kits.

GeneProof STI GPacks Solution

To make lab processes as easy as possible for our customers, we are introducing modified STI GPacks. What is it? It is a unique solution that allows the diagnostics of up to 7 STI pathogens in a single PCR run. What is unique about our GPacks? Despite being a comprehensive solution, these products retain the open platform principle. This means that users can select exactly the pathogens they want to detect from the GPack within their lab to create their own multiplex solution. Among other things, this is a cost-saving solution - labs only pay for the part of Gpack they use. You can see how GPacks actually work in the infographic below.

If you are interested in GPacks or want to see how each GPack is composed, check out our webpage dedicated to them or contact us directly!