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Success of GeneProof STI Panel in QCMD Testing

24. 11. 2020 Success of GeneProof STI Panel in QCMD Testing

Our PCR kits from Sexually Transmitted Infections Panel successfully participated in QCMD 2020 Sexually Transmitted Infections, focused on differential diagnostics.

The aim of the Sexually Transmitted Infections EQA programme was to assess the ability to detect and determine a range of sexually transmitted infections known to cause disease using their routine molecular diagnostic platform and procedures.

What are the main outtakes?

  • Thanks to its complete STI Solution, GeneProof is one of the few manufacturers able to identify all pathogens included in the panel.
  • GeneProof was the only manufacturer to detect all samples correctly – confirming its ability of error-free differential diagnostics.

Among the PCR kits, that excelled in this QCMD challenge, were GeneProof MH/UU/UP Multiplex and GeneProof CT/NG/MG Multiplex PCR Kits. Thanks to one workflow philosophy, you can use them together in a single run and get many results.

For further details read the QCMD 2020 Sexually Transmited Infections Individual Report