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croBEE® 201A Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit


It provides simultaneous nucleic acids extraction from various biological material types due to the universal reagent cartridge. All the necessary reagents and consumables are included in the package.

All components, plastics and disposable reagent cartridges contained in the croBEE 201 A Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit are DNase/RNase-Free.

Order information

Product name Catalog no. Technology Reaction
croBEE 201A Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit CBNA201A/096 fully automated magnetic separation 96 extractions


Instruction for Use

GP_CBNA201A _ Advisory Notice/ Informativní upozornění_EN/CZ
pdf, [569.69 kB]
GP_CBNA201A_Instruction for Use_EN
pdf, [762.15 kB]
GP_Declaration of Usability for SARS-CoV-2 extractions
pdf, [119.22 kB]

Declaration of Conformity

GP_CBNA201A_Declaration of Conformity_EN
pdf, [267.11 kB]


GP_CBNA201A_Safety Data Sheet_EN_CZ
pdf, [3.12 MB]
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