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Advantages of GeneProof PCR Kits

Advantages of GeneProof PCR Kits

Single Tube Ready-to-Use Master Mix

  • It allows you to have all components for a PCR reaction ready in one tube.
  • It simplifies your workflow and eliminates mistakes. You can easily start your PCR analysis without mixing the Master Mix components together. 

Universal PCR Profile

  • From one sample, you perform one extraction and in one run you can get many results (number of pathogens). E.g.: from one sample you can run one PCR of Cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr Virus, HSV 1/2 and others at the same time.
  • All the GeneProof Kits in one diagnostic group have the same PCR Profile.

Contamination prevention

  • It means that Ready-to-Use Master Mix contains components that prevent from contaminants during the whole diagnostic process.
  • The kit is able to work properly event though it has been a bit contaminated by amplification products.
  • The contents of the Ready-to-Use Master Mix clean the sample of amplicon contaminants.

CE IVD Certification 

  • CE IVD certification brings safety and performance and declares a quality of a manufacturer's product. An independent authority confirms that parameters measured and declared by manufacturer are correct, thereby confirming the product quality.
  • All the CE IVD GeneProof Kits are getting ready for the new IVDR.

Dual Target Detection

  • Dual Target Detection ensures correct pathogen detection by searching on 2 parts of DNA/RNA.
  • Kits with Dual Target Detection are very sensitive and eliminates the risk of the pathogens mutations as well.

Tracebility with WHO Standards

  • Internationally accepted standards for calibration of our own working 'gold standards' for testing.
  • Compliance with WHO Standards ensures that the results of PCR test will be fully comparable and repeatable over longer period of time.

Wide Range Portfolio

  • GeneProof offers more than 40 PCR Kits for molecular diagnostics. The portfolio contains advanced diagnostics which can run together thanks to the Universal PCR Profile.
  • GeneProof has many diagnostic groups of PCR Kits, extractors and cyclers.
  • The Universal PCR Profile simplifies the laboratory workflow.

EQA Panels

  • GeneProof regularly participates in External Quality Assessment panels such QCMD and Instand e.V.
  • Third independent party evaluates the performace of GeneProof kits and compares it to direct competitors who applied for the panel as well.
  • QCMD and Instand e.V. are one of the harshest evaluations for our kits. GeneProof PCR Kits successfully pass the tests belonging to the top kits on the market.