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GeneProof PathogenFree DNA Isolation Kit



The kit is designed to be used in diagnostic and research laboratories dealing with routine PCR diagnostics of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, candidas and fungi, viruses and protozoa) or in human genetic diagnostics. Owing to a special column design the kit provides user simple, efficient and very quick DNA isolation from clinical materials without any microbial DNA contamination. The kit is designed mostly for the DNA isolation from whole peripheral blood, sputum and synthetic sputum, urine, smear and swab, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF, liquor) and synthetic CSF and saliva.

Order information

Product name Catalog no. Technology Packaging
GeneProof PathogenFree DNA Isolation Kit IDNA050 membrane column kit 50 isolations


Instruction for Use

pdf, [454.07 kB]
GP_IDNA_Instruction for Use_EN
pdf, [592.5 kB]

Declaration of Conformity

GP_IDNA_Declaration of Conformity_EN
pdf, [555.42 kB]


GP_IDNA_Safety Data Sheet_EN
pdf, [1.09 MB]
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