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myCROBE® solution – accessories & consumables

To operate the myCROBE® instrument, it is necessary to have the additional equipment. On this subpage you will find a list of these individual products and the order codes needed to create an order. Below you will find the necessary documentation for each product.

Order information

Product name Catalog no. Technology Packaging
myCROBE/croBEE 2.0 Universal Extraction Kit MC200/036 for 36 samples
myCROBE Universal Internal Control UNIC/MC/180 180 NAE
myCROBE Universal Control Set MC201/010 for 10 PCR runs
myCROBE / croBEE 2.0 Blood Pretreatment Sample tube MC203/540 for 540 samples
myCROBE Genetic Control Set MC202/015 for 15 tests types
myCROBE/croBEE 2.0 Tips MC300/1152 1152 pcs
myCROBE PCR Plates MC303/025 25 pcs
myCROBE PCR Seal MC304/100 100 pcs
myCROBE PCR Waste bin MC305/025 25 pcs
myCROBE Universal Control Set MC205/010 for 10 PCR runs


Instruction for Use

pdf, [364.51 kB]
pdf, [244.66 kB]
pdf, [469.26 kB]
pdf, [231.36 kB]
pdf, [462.15 kB]
pdf, [261.23 kB]
MC_MC200_ Instruction for Use_EN
pdf, [280.27 kB]

Declaration of Conformity

MC_ MC100_Declaration of conformity_EN
pdf, [594 kB]
MC_MC200_Delaration of Conformity_EN
pdf, [597.32 kB]
MC_MC201_Declaration of Conformity_EN
pdf, [331.88 kB]
MC_UNIC_Declaration of Conformity_EN
pdf, [339.67 kB]
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