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croBEE®max Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

CE IVD IVDR Currently unavailable

The kit is designed for simultaneous DNA/RNA nucleic acid extraction from various clinical materials.



  • Complies with the IVD Regulation (EU) 2017/746


  • Simultaneous RNA and DNA nucleic acid extraction 
  • Wide-range of biological material
  • Human, fungi, bacterial and viral nucleic acid (RNA, DNA)


  • Adaptable for high-throughput fully automated liquid handling systems
  • Optimized especially in combination with Hamilton Microlab STAR


  • Suitable also for manual workflow
  • Affordable solution


If you are interested in croBEE®max Solution, please contact sales@geneprof.com
Do you already heave other equipment? We will be happy to help you with adaptation of our products.

Order information

Product name REF Technology Packaging
croBEE®max Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit CBMAX200/192 fully automatic magnetic separation 192 extractions

Product Leaflet

Product Leaflet

; GP_CMBAX200_Leaflet_EN
pdf, [248.61 kB]
; GP_CBMX_Leaflet_EN
pdf, [810.44 kB]
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Technical specification

Indication Accessory to in vitro diagnostic medical device
Regulatory Status CE IVD
Intended User For professional use in laboratories with trained staff
Function Human, fungi, bacterial and viral nucleic acid (RNA, DNA) extraction from wide-range of biological materials
Validated Specimen
Nucleic Acid Primary specimen for extraction
DNA Whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, aspirate, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), swab
RNA Plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), swab
Extraction Parameters
Initial sample volume 250 µl
Elution sample volume 50 µl
Average yield of DNA from whole blood 107 µg/ml
Average DNA purity A260/280 1.9
Average yield of RNA from whole blood 101.7 µg/ml
Average RNA purity A260/280 2.03
Extraction Control Extraction efficiency control by Universal Internal Control (UNIC) / Internal Control (IC) or Internal Standard (IS)
Applied Instruments Hamilton Microlab STAR 

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Instructions for Use & Advisory Notice

Instructions for Use are for informative purposes only

; GP_CBMAX200_Advisory Notice_EN
pdf, [569.68 kB]

Declaration of Conformity

; GP_CBMAX200_Declaration_of_Conformity_EN
pdf, [877.98 kB]


; GP_CBMAX200_Safety_Data_Sheet_components_EN
pdf, [292.94 kB]


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