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croBEE® Real-Time PCR System


croBEE RT is a fully integrated PCR system with the capacity of 96 samples designed for nucleic acids amplification and detection and complex analysis of obtained data.

The system works with the Peltier elements. The fluorescence signal is detected by a highly sensitive optical array detecting a wide range of fluorescence. Thanks to systems managing optical and temperature parameters, high detection accuracy and high results reproducibility is ensured.



  • High temperature control accuracy & stability
  • Dual high-sensitivity synchronous detection
  • Unique constant pressure Hot Lid System
  • Long-life led light source
  • Maximum 36 °C temperature gradient control function
  • Professional analysis software 

Order information

Product name REF Technology Reaction
croBEE Real-Time PCR System CBRT4/96 real-time PCR 1 pc
croBEE Real-Time PCR System CBRT5/96 real-time PCR 1 pc

Product Leaflet

Product Leaflet

; GP_CBRT_Leaflet_EN
pdf, [276.12 kB]
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Technical specification

Sample Capacity

96-well PCR plate, 12×8-strip,
96×0.2 ml (transparent bottom)

Excitation Wavelength 300-800nm
Emission Wavelength


Detected Fluorescence

F1: FAM, SYBR Green 1
F3: ROX, Texas Red
F4: Cy5
F5: Cy5.5

Temperature Block Range

4-105 °C (minimum increment: 0.1 °C)

Heating/Cooling Rate 4.0 °C/s
Temperature Control Accuracy

≤±0.1 °C

Temperature Fluctuation ≤±0.1 °C 
Temperature Uniformity ≤±0.3 °C
Temperature Control Mode

BLOCK / tube simulation mode (based on sample volume) 

Sample Volume Range

5-100 μL

Temperature Gradient Range 1-36 °C
Hot Lid Temperature Range 30–110 °C (adjustable, default 105 °C, automatic hot lid)
Fluorescence Detection
5 %
Feature Function

absolute quantification, relative quantification, SNP analysis, HRM analysis,
automatic data analysis, melting curve, temperature gradient, automatic/customized gain, multiple file gene expression analysis

Power Supply 100-240 V , 50/60 Hz, 600 W
Dimension  386×415×380 mm (W×D×H)
Weight 31 kg
Certification CE IVD for in vitro diagnostics Use

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Declaration of Conformity

; GP_CBRT_Declaration_of_Conformity_EN
pdf, [973.93 kB]

PCR Template

; PQ_test template croBEE RT
fqt, [7.25 kB]


; GP_CBRT_Manual_EN
pdf, [5.64 MB]


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